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Dating british gillette razors

Gillette Date Codes Hello all I now have two examples of the Gillette Aristocrat #15 Open Comb (OC) in Rhodium, dating from around 1938, and there are differences between the two. Upon opening you can see the example on the rht has purple lining: Now look a little closer. The example underneath that one (see below) has no stamp on the handle. On that example (clear) the upper band has a thin line going around at the base of the band. Further differences: The stamped-handle example is stamped under the head with the number 400.621 The clear-banded example is stamped under the head with the number 430.030 Slht other difference: the 13 teeth on either side of the stamped-handle example are slhtly rounded, and thicker. Gillette Date Codes. Dating Gillette Razors and Blades "How old is this razor?" It can be difficult to fure out. Sometimes patent dates are a help, but they give you the front end of the date scale, and not always too exactly.

US Gillette Dating Information Badger & Blade Forum These differences are indicated in the pictures below, and I have added commentary. The example with the velvet lining (on the rht, but below, on the top) is stamped on the handle. The clear-handled example has 13 teeth either side that are slhtly more square, and are thinner. You may not be able to see the difference between teeth thickness, however, because of the foregrounding, but take my word for it. The head is from a #20 and the handle is from elsewhere. # on the handle you should be able to determine where it came from. The "NDC" years. In 1930 Gillette stopped using serial numbers on razors. So razors made from 1930-49 can be difficult to date precisely. See Also. Numbered British Gillette Information.

Your birth razor, the Gillette razor dating system – Bruce On Shaving I apologise for the average quality of the photographs. The only other difference worth noting is that the knurling on the clear-handled example is slhtly finer: the cut is deeper on the stamp-handled example. This is not an uncommon occurrence and frequently happened with British Aristocrats. When you see Gillette razors advertised you will often see the date code included in the description. Some “British” shaving brush brands.

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Gillette #58 - The British Aristocrat TheShaveDen Forum Other than that, I can't tell the difference between the shaves. Why did this happen, the build-up to WWII and the war itself created shortages in manufacturing so when the Brits ran out of the normal handle, they would use what was available. This is helpful as the British made Gillette was not stamped with the same date codes as the American made ones. - The #58 is a British Aristocrat model, - The razor was made in two models; - an aluminum version wehing 34g, and - a nickel plated brass version which is the one I have wehing.

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